Business Owners: Supersize your business by allowing Independent Affiliates to help you grow your business responsibly and with integrity. Our system is designed to connect you with professional salespeople outside your industry (but inside your core demographic) at a fraction of the cost you're spending now on marketing and advertising.

Real World Affiliate: You're already in sales. Already a rock star. You're already on the front lines. When you go to make a presentation for your product, whether impact windows, painting or flooring, you know the homeowner will ask you about 'another product'. Lucky for you, you know 'just the right company' for the job. Why not make the extra money from that 'low hanging fruit'?

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The Two Magic Words ... "I Recommend"

If you're in outside sales for practically any 'home improvement' product, whether roofing, painting, windows, awnings, flooring (and the list goes on) and you've built trust with your lead, you know practically every potential customer of your product also ask "who do you know that does X?" ... and what do you do? You ALWAYS says, "I recommend _____". But rarely (if ever) are you paid for that recommendation or giving that lead to another company. It's time to start getting paid for those recommendations.

How Does It Work?


Business Owners: Tell us a little about your business, your demographic, and what you're hoping to achieve. We'll match your demographic to sales people working in other industries within the same demo (ex. homeowner 45-65, $400k to x-plus home, enjoys outdoors)

We will match the right affiliate with the right business - and in turn the RWA will match your business with the right customer.

RWA's: Tell us about yourself, what industry do you sell for, what is the demographic you cater to, and what other product you're interested in also promoting while out in the field (the product question you're asked about the most).

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